What is League of Ancients

Like all great things, League of Ancients started as an idea. A bunch of designers, programmers and crypto investors who happened to be DOTA2 and League of Legends enthusiasts, wondered why there wasn’t a similar title in blockchain gaming. So the idea was born, the trailer was made, the community was sparked and the results have been astounding!

With the combination of great community managers, designers, writers, programmers and investors, League of Ancients is lining up to be the biggest MOBA to hit mobile platforms in 2022. But that’s not all, LOA is going on the blockchain. This project will be the FIRST real multiplayer online battle arena in NFT blockchain gaming history. So what’s gonna make League of Ancients so great?

Firstly the development team is all long time MOBA fans. We’ve all played DOTA2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Mobile Legends, Arena of valor etc etc. We know what we love and what we hate about each game. This means that League of Ancients is gonna take the best all the world’s MOBAs and put it into one perfectly refined MOBA masterpiece.

2ndly, League of Ancients is not going to be a cash hound like the other games out there. Every decision conventional MOBAs make are designed to get you to spend money, giving you NOTHING in return. In League of Ancients, we want you to MAKE money. We want the community to be rewarded for every moment and effort they make in game. We want the players to partake in events, game modes, tournaments and even E-sport spectating and wagering. We want you guys to completely take full advantage of our ecosystem to nurture a prosperous economy where EVERYONE wins.

3rdly, we have awesome community managers who love engaging with its members. Unlike so many other big games, we care about our community, their needs, concerns, feedback and suggestions. This is an integral part to creating a long lasting game that can outlive its counterparts.

4thly, we have excellent designers and writers to give the game a life of its own. Our game environment comes with a rich and enthralling history, weaving its characters together in complex storylines that bring their looks, skills, and playstyle to life. We believe this is vital to enhancing the playing experience.

Finally, we WANT this project to happen. Everyone on the LOA team is passionate about this. We’ve been playing MOBAs our whole lives and to see a MOBA come to life on the blockchain, through our hard work and determination, is a lifelong aspiration of ours. That being said, we can’t wait to see you all in game. Please remember to follow us on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter! Your ongoing support is what drives us. Thank you to our awesome community and don’t miss our next article : What is blockchain gaming?



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